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Copyright 2011

In this project I have documented my journey to five locations in London, where prostitutes were gruesomely murdered by Jack
the Ripper.  From a young age I have been fascinated with serial killers and the details of the murders they committed.   This project has developed into my journey to street corners where serial killers attacked and my pilgrimage to the murder stories I have read about for such a long time.  By committing myself to one serial killer, I
was restricted and controlled over where my pictures were taken,
but will my pictures control the viewers, knowing of the violence which happened there in the past?  Over time this project changed from landscape photography to self portraiture in an attempt to include my fascination and journey in the subject.

I visited the locations weekly for over a month, leaving me feeling personally involved with the stories and the mystery, instead of
just reading about them.  Due to the historical distance of the case
of Jack the Ripper and the fact that the mystery was never solved;
the facts and mythologized fictions have become a spectacle,
which opens space for my performances within the sites.  I used
the photograph to document the performance I undertook in this journey, acting like a witness to my pilgrimage and obsession
with the tales.  The use of myself in the photographs has become
very performative; I’m joining in on the spectacle of these deaths
and as a young woman going to these locations at night, I felt shifts between characters I could have performed as, that of the ‘femme fatale’ vs. the ‘victim’.  I have also been interested in the paradox between that which repels and the attraction to horror films and
crime scenes.  During my visits to the locations I was interrupted
by numerous ‘Jack the Ripper Tours’, where people strive on the ghastly facts that occurred on these specific sites more than a
century ago.

Mary Ann Nichols, 43
31st August 1888
Bucks Row, Whitechapel

First Victim

Catherine Eddowes, 46
30th September 1888
Mitre Square, City of London

Fourth Victim

Annie Chapman, 47
8th September 1888
Hanbury Street, Spitalfields

Second Victim

Mary Jane Kelly, 25
9th November 1888
Millers Court, Spitalfields

Fifth Victim